Board Games from Sweden

Board Games often symbolizes a form of peace and socialization, where both young and old can sit down together and have fun.

To sit inside the cozy warmth, while you might see the rain or the snow falling outside the window is something that I think is very cozy, and especially this during the winter. Then me and my family put up the old board games that collected dust for so many years in our basement or attic.board-games

What many people around Sweden and for that matter; around the world does not know is that Umeå is a very unique city in Sweden, when it comes to Board Games. This because there are few cities in the world that have such an incredible selection of Board Games in relation to its size.


There is a large community with people who play board games throughout the year, and sometimes you can almost think that these enthusiasts are doing something similar to a sport on a elite level. The level of the game stores in Umeå are superior to those in the rest of Sweden, and they have stores like: World of Board Games, Fantasia and Collector’s Point – where there’s meters and meters of high quality games.

Even booksellers in Umeå selling games of such quality that in many large cities must be ordered and paid for shipping. All the games niche merchants have a fantastic knowledge to help lost game beginners to find the perfect game for their family or circle of friends, based on what they like best about their old worn-out risk.

And let me tell you! There is so much amazing fun to discover in the board game-world for those who only just beginning to sniff on the world beyond the Cluedo and Monopoly-games.

To make it easier to understand what lies beneath the surface of this amazing sea of board games, I will soon compile a short  but sweet guide for those interested. With this guide I will compile a glossary of useful words when talking board games.