Suggestions of other fun board games

Renju if by far our favourite board game. We can play it for hours and sometimes even days. But it can happen that friends and family get tired of our constant talk about Renju. So what else can we do to still play a game that involves strategic thinking and use of the mind. One very fun game is the game for Acabo Games that is called Guesstimaster. Here you will estimate for example how many teacher there are in Japan. By using your knowledge of how many people that live there and how many that are in school and by doing so you can use your skills to give a good guesstimate. There are many different ways you can play the game and it is appropriate for people above 16+ which means you have to have some kind of pre-knowledge before it is fun to play the game. The creators of the game have released a second version of the game and also created a few more intellectual games that it fun for us strategic thinkers to play. You can read about the games at for example Other fun games that I like to play but is more of fantasy board games are Smallworld, Dominion, Settler of Catan and Agricola. I think it is very useful for people in all ages to play such games to improve upon your logical thinking.

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If you want to try games that are more action games there are several games that you can play both online and offline. One game that I personally like but is not very popular among my friends is the game FreedomResist. Sometimes it can also be fun to play more advanced game on for example a playstation. A few of the best Playstation games that will be released in 2017 can be found on the blog from Magicka. It is fun to play all types of games. When you are not playing Renju, which games do you prefer playing? I like to hear your opinions and thoughts about the best board games and computer/playstation games. Feel free to send an email. Have a wonderful weekend and may the best man or women win!