There are three member categories in Finnish Renju Federation, read about all of our members here.

Regular member is a renju fan, who wish to be part of Finnish renju. To become a regular member a person (or organization) must pay initiation fee and yearly member fee. Applicant should also give certain basic information about themselves (name, e-mail, year of birth etc.)

renju membersHonorary member is an individual, who have contributed to our Federation by his/her words and deeds for many years. Finnish renju would not be the same and will forever be thankfull to the honorary members. They are nominated by the board.

Supporting members are individuals (or organizations), who have contributed to our Federation by their financial support. With the money we get from them we are able to to maintain this website, publish a journal for the members, organize tournaments and other happenings.

You can find Member benefits for all the three member categories.

Its easy to Become a Member. You are invited to join Finnish Renju Federation!