The Best Boardgames of 2017

2017 was a great year for boardgames

2017 was a great year for boardgames in general, here are the best of the best in three categories!

2017 year’s best family game: Patchwork

A patchwork is, as you probably know; a creation that sews together several pieces and pieces of fabric to create an exciting design on (for example), a rug. So this is also where two players using buttons and pieces by strategy and tactical thinking will try to sew together the very best, most score-giving blanket. Here you don’t play your traditional turned-based game; so it will be a real fight to see who can get the best pieces and buttons.

boardgames2017 year’s best  children game: Little Red Riding Hood

An exciting puzzle game with a story theme for the youngest ones in the family; although older people, parents and others can also be involved and get enough excitement finding the solution. Nicely packed with an appealing game plan, with the grandmother’s house, the Red Rinding Hood and of course the Wolf.

Three plastic trees can be  placed in different ways so that different paths can be created, helping Little Red in finding the right way to her grandmother’s house. Here you have to think logically and creatively. There is a total of 48 different ways to place houses, pines and figurines to provide different correct paths – from simple to expert courses. And then you have the small book that tells the whole story without words; so even the youngest can “read” and understand what it’s all about.

2017 year’s best adult game: Smart 10

Another different game; where it is the box itself (with the different kinds of questions); that give the game some new dimensions. Here you find the question-card in a “smart box” where you can see the question and a number of answers; but not all of them are correct. So it’s up to you as a player to lift one of ten plastic plugs to find one of the correct answers. It can be about guessing a number, finding a correct ranking, guessing the correct color or for that matter -the right century. A smart box with a similarly smart scoring system – sometimes it may be smartest to not answer at all. Another winning feature is that the box is easy to pick up for the party or the trip. Advantages to play in teams, allowing for wild and interesting discussions between team members.